There are still songs to sing beyond humanity.

—Paul Celan

A geological mass that seems to be known, but which is actually unlike, different, like something unexpected. The Earth has, roughly, 4.5 billion years; it could be said that what is seen on any common planet. An emerging one or some whose cycles have just started. The primal stage is its geological configuration, from where organic life will start and sustain. Because mineral life has begun its process.

The traces that define Nydia Lilian's Post — Genesis project concern on two aspects presented currently. The first of them refers to Anthropocene's disquieting tick, which is profiled as a slow-motion catastrophe. The second one it's related to Mars imminent colonization and subsequent terraforming, as well as the growing discovery of Earth-like exoplanets. This geological duality about the haste of a new beginning and the slowness of the end takes place as something unexpected, with a hint of irruption, emergence and reorder, underlined by the attempt to identify the observed sites as something recognizable, but at the same time strange.

Reminiscences between science and fiction are quite present. On its whole, the set of images conforms a path to think about the conception and relations that we have established with the world from our own history, which could extend to every possible worlds. We cannot forget that the unexpected as well as the emergent, are also part of the system of the universe's existence.

Text: Francisco Benitez

Something was there

Near us

Leaving traces

In the opposite direction

It was a process

That it expands

And it stretches




The wounds


Deep injury

It’s here

Nevertheless, life prevails

To a new surface


Post — Genesis, was selected in the Third Contemporary Photography Contest in Mexico, FUMCA. The group exhibition took place at Fototeca, Monterrey, NL in November 2016 and soon it will be in Museo Cuatro Caminos in Ciudad de Mexico.

Printing was done by MemoriesLab, beautifully printed in Gelatin Silver process in a darkroom. This print procedure brings a delicate texture and warm sepia tone that helped achieve a timeless classic look to the project.



Fine art limited edition prints by request 
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Nydia Lilian, 2017